Norman Forrester, CPFA, CRPC®

About Mr. Forrester: Norman Forrester, CPFA, CRPC® is the First Vice President of Merrill Lynch & a Senior Financial Advisor with over 20 years experience in the financial services industry. I am proud to be able to provide each client a wide array of financial services, including asset management strategies, estate planning services and liability management. Clients entrust their financial future with us. Our training allows us to accept that responsibility. Our reputation and personal integrity earns it.

About the Session: Preparing for your financial future begins with understanding your personal finance choices today.In this presentation, you’ll learn why it is important to create a spending plan each time your income changes. A spending plan is an essential component of the actionable steps necessary for NP graduates to prepare for their financial future. Mr. Forrester will discuss the 5-steps for making financially healthy decisions.

There are no requirements for this presentation.

Topics to be covered:

Financial health

Setting financial goals

Spending habits

Top 5 money problems

Student loans

Join the Session: Tuesday, April 28th at 1100 AM EST

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