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Are you overwhelmed with choosing
an NP school, a speciality, or finding a preceptor?

Discover the Guide That Leads You
From Aspiration to NP School Acceptance!

Who This Book Is For?

This comprehensive guide is designed for aspiring Nurse Practitioners navigating NP or DNP/NP school choices, personal statements, preceptorships, and specialty selection, taking you from application to acceptance with ease.

High-School Students

Registered Nurses

Career Changers

What's Inside?

  • The secret to choosing the best NP school for your unique path.
  • Step-by-step tips for crafting a winning personal statement that stands out.
  • Simple strategies to secure strong, persuasive letters of recommendation.
  • Exclusive insights on securing a preceptor without breaking the bank.
  • Done-For-You comprehensive roadmap for organizing your application timeline seamlessly and more.


NP Student®️ Starter Kit

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NP Student®️ Starter Kit

Dive into a specially curated series of videos, each designed to prompt and guide you through actionable steps in your journey to becoming a Nurse Practitioner. These videos cover essential topics from selecting the right NP program to crafting a compelling application and preparing for interviews. Each session is packed with insights and practical advice to set you on the path to success.

  • Instructional Videos: Practical guides on key aspects of the NP application process.
  • Email Templates: Ready-to-use templates for explanation for low GPAs, academic and professional reference letter templates.
  • Personal Statement Guide: Step-by-step assistance in crafting your story.
  • NP Education Planner: Organize your path to NP school with this essential tool.

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